Shifting Into 2020 – Community

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last couple of weeks you probably saw different people assigning their “word” for 2020. I scrolled right past most of them—it felt a little gimmicky. But, yesterday I was writing an article for Thrive (I’ll send a link when it’s up) about publishing and book […]

Lessons From a Grilled Cheese Necklace

I bet you’re confused. I don’t blame you. A grilled cheese necklace? Is there such a thing and why am I writing about it?! It’s a thing. A few years back, I was browsing Etsy for some earrings for a friend’s birthday when in my feed, appeared a necklace with the charm of a grilled […]

Tips for Writer’s Block & Creating a Competitive Book Topic

“Where do I start?”   I actually love this question when people ask—because my first answer is “right where you are”.  I want you to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Now is as good a time as any! Cultivating a book concept can take 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years—but when you’re […]

What to do in the Lulls of Life

Summertime just brings around a universal exhale, doesn’t it? Warmer weather, holidays, long weekends, and outdoor fun.  I’ve been tapping into the Summer vibe in my business too (though with some resistance…more on that below)– and it’s brought around some interesting revelations I want to share. My guess is, these will make sense for you […]

Crafting Your Book Idea? Test Your Ideas in Real-Time!

There’s a lot that goes into deciding what to write a book about. There’s the focus, the take-aways or tips, the tone, our story, etc. In fact, many people come to me with a book idea that is actually 5 separate book ideas! If you have several ideas and aren’t quite sure where to start—or, […]

4 Surefire Ways to Promote and Sell Your Products with Ease

When people think about promoting and selling their products and services—many wince in resistance. I come across this quite a bit when I work with clients to create their marketing strategy for book and product launches.  The thing is—“selling’ has evolved. Many people are triggered thinking that selling means a hard-sell—an aggressive pushing. Well friends, […]

My New Favorite Four-Letter Word: HELP

I have a disease. It’s called Conscious Overload disease. I think I can do it all! And not only that, I think I can do it all by myself!  I roll around in the glory of the struggle—because busy and worn down = important, & successful, RIGHT?! Wrong.   We live in a busy culture—we […]

Where’s That Voice Coming From?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “the voice”. Not the reality show with Adam Levine–but that voice in our head that we all have…ego, doubt, judgement…you know the one. The voice that pops up to say “who are YOU to be doing this?” The voice that’s hard to differentiate whether it’s coming from your […]