1:1 Coaching

At the heart of it, you have a vision. You’ve got something important to share, but the possibilities can be overwhelming. This is a new level of vulnerability that you may even find yourself second-guessing. Books are a precious opportunity to educate, inspire and activate people –to better people’s lives—to bring hope.

Great books need to be nurtured—and so do great platforms. I will help you bring your teachings to life so YOU can do what you do best.

Through 1:1 sessions you’ll receive exclusive guidance that meets you where you are in your business and book process.

If you’re dreaming about:

  • writing a book and don’t know how to get started
  • developing your book concept to appeal to a large audience
  • creating a marketing road map that will propel your book and business forward
  • a connection to a literary agent who champions your work and understands your vision
  • finding a publishing home for your book
  • leveraging your book into a larger business opportunity
  • an effective book launch strategy that will increase your sales and grow your business

Then I’ve got you.

Maybe you aren’t ready for a book, but you know you need to build your platform in order to cultivate a community and prepare for other product launches—or to increase your clientele. With the right guidance, it’s easier than you think—you just have to take the first step.

Could we be a match made in heaven?
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