There’s a lot that goes into deciding what to write a book about. There’s the focus, the take-aways or tips, the tone, our story, etc. In fact, many people come to me with a book idea that is actually 5 separate book ideas!

If you have several ideas and aren’t quite sure where to start—or, you get the sense you’re piling too many ideas into one book—this is for you. I teach my clients to test out potential book ideas right on their social channels! I have an instinct when it comes to topics, but what’s equally important is what YOUR fans actually think about it.

Your platform, after all, is the best focus group you can get! What better way to see if there’s an audience for your book idea than to start teaching and talking about it online. You don’t need to mention you’re doing research for a potential book—you just need to start teaching it.

Here’s a few ways you can test your book ideas online:

  • FB Lives that are themed to your book idea
  • Instagram Stories or Instagram Lives that teach tips or small aspects of your book concept
  • Text/imagery posts with challenges, action steps, etc.
  • Create a PDF or video as your website opt-in
  • Simply ask for feedback!

Test it for a few weeks and see how people respond!

Platforms are living, breathing spaces. So while you’ve probably heard me reminding everyone to nurture their channels, it’s also a no-brainer to test your ideas there!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!