If you’ve been on social media at all in the last couple of weeks you probably saw different people assigning their “word” for 2020. I scrolled right past most of them—it felt a little gimmicky.

But, yesterday I was writing an article for Thrive (I’ll send a link when it’s up) about publishing and book marketing trends for 2020 and one of the biggest trends is something that could boil down to one word: Community.

Community, in the sense of:

  • calling in support
  • creating safe spaces for people to gather and share
  • in-person events
  • livestream or webinar events
  • retreats
  • creating intimacy in your teachings
  • creating partnership and teaming up with other entrepreneurs or experts
  • showing up for yourself and others


In the last decade we saw some of our favorite authors and experts promoting products with lots of amazing digital downloads and online courses—and that will still be valuable. But I’m seeing a shift towards people really desiring a closeness and intimate learning from their trusted experts.

If you don’t have a published book yet—not to worry! Community comes to play on your platform—and that’s equally important. Are you leading online groups? Are you doing monthly webinars or memberships? Are you popping onto Facebook or Instagram to teach and take Q&A? These are all ways to create community.

I know I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to create more community in my work. How can you create safe learning spaces in your genre of work? How can you serve in group settings and let people immerse in the work you do? I’ll be keeping it top of mind for myself and I encourage you to try too!

Plus, it’s so much more fun participating in things with like-minded people—isn’t it?

Wishing you an awesome start to the decade!

Happy New Year!