Summertime just brings around a universal exhale, doesn’t it? Warmer weather, holidays, long weekends, and outdoor fun.  I’ve been tapping into the Summer vibe in my business too (though with some resistance…more on that below)– and it’s brought around some interesting revelations I want to share. My guess is, these will make sense for you too.

My natural inclination is to always be hustling—whether it’s my career-driven upbringing, my tendency to always be the best at the things I take on, or my absolute Sun and Moon Leo sign—I’m always thinking 10 steps ahead—wondering how to scale—how to make things bigger and better.

What I didn’t spend a lot of the year doing was reflecting with absolute gratitude for what this first year of Purposeful Platforms brought (August 6th is our 1 year anniversary!).  And there’s A LOT to be grateful for.

My 1:1 coaching and the referrals from industry professionals have far exceeded my expectations.  So few business are a success in their first year—that’s not lost on me.  But my urge to constantly grow took me out of the moment.

And, my first quiet month since being in business challenged everything I knew.

I immediately panicked and thought I needed to create a new offering or program. I obsessively ran numbers for my business and looked at where I was spending the most money.

I completely freaked out.

I was sitting with a few dear friends of mine when they basically gave me an emotional slap across the face and told me to get a grip. Then I asked them a question through wide eyes and fast-beating heart:

“What do I do with this quiet time? What do I do in the down time? Should I take a course? Should I study something? Develop a program?”

You know what their answer was?…..

“Go see a movie and take yourself to lunch”

Um, what? Were they not understanding the SEVERITY of my problem?

They brought into my view that I had been hustling for almost a year—that business was booming and lulls are natural. That the answer wasn’t to DO MORE,  it was actually to embrace this lull and DO LESS.

My pal Kate Northrup covered this topic so brilliantly in her latest book Do Less

I’d bet a lot of money and movie tickets that so many of you reading this have been faced with the “what do I do now?!” in the face of quiet. And from one do-er to another, I can tell you that magic happened when I took the advice of those friends.

I did what they said: Went to a movie and had a nice lunch—walked the city alone…

On a personal note, since becoming a mother and starting a new business, I often feel that times that I’m not working should be spent with my son and husband.  It took this outing to realize that there’s a whole 3rd arm to the equation—the arm where I nourish myself independently.

When I finally “resigned” to the lull—business started rolling in again. People returned for additional coaching and services—new business was introduced. It happened without my need to worry or engaging in any forced business decisions.  And sure, this may not always be the case, but focusing on aligning myself kept me from the needless hustle.

Now, in some situations it may take more than a movie and embracing rest—but if we can master sitting in the discomfort of silence and lulls—embracing the in between—we’ll be better for it.

Here are a few rules I made for myself in the lull:

  • Do not create business decisions and programs out of fear
  • Do not recalculate my worth and my value
  • Make sure the things I’m saying YES to align with my values personally and professionally
  • Examine “waste”—tune in financially to the things that are really nourishing me and the business.

I hope that this is reaching everyone that needs to hear this message—sometimes all you need is a little fun, a deep breath, and some alignment.

For those of you in the “what do I do now?” when it comes to your book or dreams of being published—I’ve got you. Reach out when you’re ready. I’m here to help you align your vision and make progress in the most organic, fun-filled ways.

Let me know on FB if this resonated with you! Happy July everyone!