I CANNOT say enough about Richelle and how much she taught me during the writing of my book proposal!  I feel like I took a Masterclass and it really prepared me for the next steps in the publishing process.  THANK YOU RICHELLE, for your wisdom and your patience, and for bringing your whole heart to my project!

–Shari Brown, author of the upcoming book Making it Up as You Grow

What a blessing to connect with Richelle as a book proposal coach, collaborator, and consultant. Richelle helped me to not only quickly transform my proposal into one that would be embraced by my dream agency, but she also helped me learn the lay of the land of publishing and adjust the delivery of my vision so that it can someday serve millions.

I came to Richelle because she had worked with so many incredible authors I respect and admire like Gabrielle Berstein and Gregg Braden, but any expectations I might have had, she completely blew away. Writing about yourself as a way of service requires a lot of vulnerability, and Richelle has a gift of helping you navigate how to best craft and deliver your message in an impactful way, delivering solid feedback with an equal dose of compassion. There’s no doubt she can help any soon to be author or well versus author on their journey. There is a science to this all, and as my new agent just said, “Richelle is a book wizard!”

This dream has lived in my heart for over 5 years and Richelle has been instrumental in making my dream become a reality. Her expertise goes far beyond the proposal process itself, and into the publishing industry as a whole, growing platforms, marketing and launching new books, and best of all connecting with people’s hearts. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to work with Richelle and look forward to continuing to do so as my journey as an author evolves.

-Georgina Miranda

“Working with Richelle was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m a creative at heart, so having someone who deeply understood my vision and was able to not only provide strategic direction but could ALSO add in ideas and feedback for the content? Priceless. Having her kept me accountable to finishing each section seamlessly, and I am VERY happy with the end result. It makes the process of actually writing the book feel far more seamless as well. Couldn’t recommend Richelle enough! Work with her!”

–Amanda Bucci, online business + conscious leadership coach, author of the upcoming book The Content Creator Paradox

What I knew for so long is that I really wanted to get my book proposal done–and what I also knew is that I had been making a lot of excuses as to why I “couldn’t”. After working with Richelle and going through the Book Proposal Blueprint program, not only do I have my book proposal done (with sample chapters!), but I also have my agent query letter done—I’ve completed it! What I said I was going to do—I did. I got a ton of personal one-on-one attention in the program and if a ran into roadblocks, I could easily reach her and she was there to answer with direct feedback. That’s the piece that I feel so many group coaching programs are missing—and she overdelivered. She does such a great job of laying out every single aspect of the book proposal and publishing process and she will NOT leave you behind. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Richelle.


-Vasavi Kumar, host of Being Human with Vasavi podcast and CEO of MIND Your Own Business

I’ve signed up for a lot of group programs over the years, but the Book Proposal Blueprint made me take action more than almost any of them.

While mindset coaching is beneficial, sometimes you just need someone to tell you how to do the damn thing. Richelle took me from a vague book idea that had been rolling around in my head to a finished book proposal in less than 3 months!

If you have a book idea brewing inside you get in touch with Richelle- she’ll help nurture that idea and bring it to life!

-Britni Ross

There are people with their feet on the ground–they create strategy and structure, define goals and achieve them–and then there are people who have the keys to unlock the cosmos. The kind who upon first meeting, spark something in you you’ve been waiting your whole life for someone to see. So rarely can an individual balance both these energies, let alone do so while bouncing their baby on their knee. Richelle Fredson is the strongest container you will ever meet.

I was lucky to join Richelle’s first Book Proposal Blueprint Group where she gave us weekly live lessons and assignments– resulting in a group of people who have solidified their idea and voice, created their book proposals (including sample chapters), and even made new friends.

If there is a book that wants to birth through you, if there is a story you have always needed to tell but you’re not sure how, if you are clear but need insight into the publishing world–then Richelle’s work is for you. She is the midwife, the doula, the sorcerer, the strategist. She is the rarest gem, who is generous to share her extraordinary gifts with the world.


-Amy V. Dewhurst, President of Sense + Color

Richelle is a godsend. I’ve known I had a book in me since I was a little girl, but it was difficult to get off the starting block on my own. Richelle has already helped me get past multiple roadblocks that might have been debilitating on my own. With Richelle’s insights and industry expertise, I produced a bang-up proposal that I know will lead to my dream book deal and allow me to share my message with the masses.

-Amanda Kuda, www.authenticallyamanda.com

I work in marketing, so I didn’t think I needed someone to help me build out the marketing section of my proposal. But that’s what Richelle does—helps you see what you couldn’t. She’ll make your proposal publisher-ready before you even have an agent (and if you don’t have one, she can help with that too). Throughout the whole process, Richelle was a godsend—she helped me build a proposal that publishers could actually envision putting into market. I’ve been trying to sell a book for five years. Working with Richelle made it happen in six months. Now that I have the deal, all I have to do is write!

Jen Winston, aka @Jenerous, author of GreedyNotes From a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much (Atria, September 2021)

Before I started working with Richelle, I was confused and floundering in my efforts to publish a book into this world. There’s only so much you can find online (and usually it’s super discouraging.) It’s like trying to break into an industry as confusing as becoming an astronaut!

I am so glad I made the investment to get Richelle’s expertise, guidance, and foresight into my book! Together, we made my book publisher-ready. While completely honoring my vision, she saw something even bigger and better, and together we evolved the book to truly serve my future readers. Richelle knows what publishers want, how to build your platform and become an expert in your niche–and how to get your book into your ideal reader’s hands! She’s your cheerleader, friend, and mentor all in one.

After working with Richelle, I signed with a book agent and received multiple six-figure offers from my DREAM publishers!! I never understood the acknowledgment section of books– when authors go more crazy for the professionals that helped bring the book into the world– over their family, but now I get it! I’m forever grateful

Karolina, EuphoricAF.com, author of the upcoming book Become Euphoric

Richelle is a rockstar!  She has an incredible talent to pull out the most important aspects–the heart of your book proposal–and is able to distill your vision into exactly what publishers want.  She is a genius!  I highly recommend her!

Rikka Zimmerman,  international speaker, author and singer/songwriter

Richelle brings her vast experience and amazing insights to the process of project development.  She knows exactly what’s needed in a book proposal and publishing strategy, which makes her a valued partner in the process from start to finish.


-Wendy Sherman, Founder & President, Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management

Richelle’s years of experience allowed her to very quickly identify shifts and additions to my content, that I never would have thought of myself–which made it so much more impactful. If you are looking for a secret weapon for creating a book proposal that will WOW publishers-look no further- Richelle is it! I am so grateful!

—Terri Cole, psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of Terri Cole’s Real Love Revolution™ & Terri Cole’s Boundary Bootcamp™.

Prior to working with Richelle, I had a dormant email list and lackluster social media presence. Her training gave me the confidence and exact instruction I needed to start nurturing my audience again, resulting in multiple inquiries from potential clients. Without Richelle, I wouldn’t have known I was sitting on all this potential revenue!

-Allison Davis, Sales Trainer + Consultant

I was very hesitant to work with “another” book coach—but then I talked with Richelle and I was immediately taken back with her gentle, warm, friendly nature and her approach to my work.  After being “beat down” by other coaches, it was so refreshing to speak honestly about my book proposal, how her razor-sharp gut instincts followed my own and then took my proposal even further then I could have imagined.  She supportively gave me insight and even gave new thought and direction to my process.

When I work with Richelle-which I still do to this day-it feels like magic in the making.  She has supported me and encouraged me in a way that no one else has—and at the same time—this woman knows her stuff!   She’s tough but never abrasive or demeaning.  She’s the best “doula” for a book process I could ever hope for.  And she’s so fun and engaging that she feels like a great friend.  I cannot recommend her artistry enough…

-Heather Bartos, MD

“Working with Richelle on my book proposal was a total game-changer. She helped me to feel so much more confident and informed about how the book selling process works, and gave me specific recommendations on what I should include in the proposal to really make it shine. In my meetings with publishers, many of them commented on how impressed they were with the exact parts of my proposal that Richelle suggested I include, and I ended up getting 6-figure offers for my book from multiple publishers! My dream of being an author is becoming a reality, and I can’t imagine going through this process without Richelle.”

-Jenny Sansouci, Publisher of HealthyCrush.com, blogger and author of the upcoming book The Rebel’s Apothecary

“I had the pleasure of working with Richelle for a number of years and she rocks! She’s a forward-thinking media and marketing maven who will support your vision and get you the results you need. From her hustle to her heart, I would highly recommend working with Richelle.”

—Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Universe Has Your Back

“Richelle is an absolute genius at both the book marketing world and genuine publicity. She has worked with some of the best authors and influencers on the planet, and graciously helped me to birth my book with savvy, wisdom and authenticity. Richelle is a true gem, both personally and professionally, and I’d highly recommend her if you are looking to make a big impact in the world and shine your light bright. Her brilliance is knowing how to help you radiate yours.”

—Julie Reisler, author of Get a PhD in YOU: A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery

“Richelle is a joy to work with and her instincts are always spot-on. She is an awesome woman to know and her integrity inspires me in an industry where we often see a disconnect between actions and words ”

—Gregg Braden, Five-time New York Times bestselling author of The Divine Matrix and Resilience from the Heart

“I have greatly enjoyed and valued working with Richelle for 10 years. Richelle’s insights and pragmatic advice on product development and marketing, built on her deep experience within the publishing industry, have been invaluable.”

—Victor Imbimbo, President/CEO, Caring Today, Inc.

“No words can really sum up or give proper justice to my experience working with Richelle. She’s like your long-lost, genius sister giving expert advice with love, wit and grace. There’s no fluff—you’re getting all substance—from an industry insider and influencer. I love how her mind works so quickly to come up with fresh, clever, catchy (but not gimmicky or salesy) material for your book, website, and online courses. Richelle GETS IT! She is a breath of fresh air to work with, and has given my business and me so much clarity and focus (As well as SPUNK!). P.S. Working with Richelle doesn’t feel like work at all—it feels like creating a fun passion project with your best friend. Thanks, Richelle!”

—Kate Eckman, Columbia certified Executive Leadership Coach and author of The Full Spirit Workout

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